Why come to Say So?

Our facilitators are experts in the filed of all things creative, they bring with them a wealth of experience and offer a safe spaces for all to feel empowered and heard. Our workshops provide a platform to express thoughts, ideas, and emotions effectively. Through improvisation, dialogue, and acting exercises, participants develop key communication skills through both verbal and non-verbals cues.

All of our classes promote confidence building and individual loose all inhibitions and immerse themselves in the workshops. Performing and encouraging one another in a safe and positive environment.

Through exploration of imagination, storytelling and character work individuals learn to express creativity whilst developing empathy and building upon emotional intelligence.

Drama and creative workshops often involve group activities, fostering an environment of team work, listening, collaboration and connecting with others. They are a great way to enhance social skills as well as wellbeing.

But most importantly, drama and being creative is FUN! It offers opportunities to explore and play in a creative environment, where we laugh and learn together! 

You really can Say So Much More through Drama!